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Our Products

Explore SKARMA SOFTTECH's comprehensive range of products designed to streamline and enhance various aspects of business operations. From cutting-edge apps to robust management software, our products cater to diverse industries and help you achieve your goals efficiently.

Our Products

E-books: Access a wide range of e-books covering various topics to enhance your knowledge and expertise.

E-nursery (Stock Management System): Effectively manage your nursery stock with our specialized stock management system.

Learning App: Enhance learning experiences with our PHP and PostgreSQL-powered learning app, also available on Android-JAVA.

Quiz App: Engage users with interactive quizzes using our PHP and PostgreSQL-based app, available on Android-JAVA.

Newspaper App: Stay updated with the latest news using our PHP and PostgreSQL-powered app, available on Android-Flutter.

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Contact us today to learn more about our diverse product offerings. Our experienced team is ready to guide you through our products and help you find the right solutions for your business needs.

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  • Our Product Portfolio Curli app (Online Parlour, Salon & Spa Booking App): Simplify appointment scheduling and enhance customer experience with our intuitive booking app.
  • Factory Management Software (Tea/Cashew/Coffee/Cocoa): Manage your factory operations efficiently with our PHP and PostgreSQL-powered software, complemented by Flutter mobile apps
  • Stock and Distribution Management Software: Streamline your stock and distribution processes using our comprehensive software suite, available on PHP, PostgreSQL, and Flutter.
  • School Management System: Efficiently manage educational institutions with our feature-rich PHP and PostgreSQL-based school management system.
  • Lease or Rent Management Software: Simplify lease and rent management tasks with our user-friendly PHP and PostgreSQL software.
  • Stock and Billing Software: Keep track of stock and manage billing effortlessly using our PHP and PostgreSQL-powered solution.
  • E-commerce Software: Establish your online presence and start selling with our e-commerce software, powered by PHP, PostgreSQL, and Android-JAVA.
  • Doctor's Clinic Management: Manage clinics seamlessly with our PHP and PostgreSQL-based software, complemented by an Android-JAVA app.